COV-19 Vaccine Appended To Terms Of Employment?

Writing on the Blog -- -- Michael Snyder poses a very important question: can employers "fire" (dismiss) those employees who refuse COVID-19 vaccinations? By way of introduction he points out that (as of Q4 2020) the mainstream media is already busy publishing stories and filing reports that basically ask if it is legal (or … Continue reading COV-19 Vaccine Appended To Terms Of Employment?

Princes of the Yen: An Exposé of Central Banking

"Princes of the Yen: Central Banks and the Transformation of the Economy" is a famous video upload to YouTube. It is a brilliant production, which happens to based upon a brilliantly written book by the German-born Professor Richard Werner. What is revealed about the Japanese Central Bank, the Rothschild's network of Central Banking, and the conduct of senior government officials in Tokyo's National Diet will surprise and shock you to the core. One Y/T Commenter wrote: This is the most BRILLIANT documentary on the IMF and central banks I have ever watched !!!"

Google Denies Science With “Gender Neutral” Policies

Former (Male) Google Employee: "Most meetings at Google are recorded. Anyone at Google can watch it. We're trying to be really open about everything...except for this. They don't want any paper trail for any of these things. They were telling us about a lot of these potentially illegal practices that they've been doing to try to increase diversity. Basically treating people differently based on what their race or gender are."