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Outsourcing is the art of gifting the White Man's creativity and industry to those nations or civilizations who've made zero contributions to humanity ever since Moses stubbed his big-toe on a Sinai rock. And all because "The Lady Loves Milk Tray" … or because (((they))) need us to keep singing "Kum-Ba-Ya"!

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Abu Dhabi Skyline

Since 1980, Glyn R. Wilson has accumulated over 30 years overseas experience — visiting 24 diverse nations (on 3 continents) while working in 9 different nations where he fulfilled various assignments as a Staff Employee, or Freelance Contractor, or Professional Consultant:

Process-controls specialist / design draughtsman / field engineer / QA-QC Specialist / field construction inspector / project engineer / Control Systems Commissioning Engineer / Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) Consultant / Hands-On Trainer / Technical Training Author / Curriculum Developer / PLC Specialist / DCS Specialist.

Soon after the First Gulf War (Operation Desert Storm) and with his career domain on the cusp of yet another major transition -- from Pneumatic Controllers > Applied Fluidics >  discrete electronics > microprocessors > Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) > Distributed Control Systems (DCS) >  Expert Systems > Machine Learning  > phew!! -- Wilson returned to full-time education. 

On merit (professional references + past professional achievements) he won a restricted placement at a Top-20 UK University as a 39 year old "Mature Student". Eventually, this massive effort resulted in him earning a Master of Science (MSc) Degree in Artificial Intelligence with Engineering Applications. 

His successful Dissertation (Thesis) covered the development of a prototype Expert System for designing Industrial Vision Systems. 

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Inside Cardiff’s iconic Bute Building, about 2hrs following my MSc Investiture ceremony (1994) in St. David’s Hall. Many of my AI lectures had been held inside Bute.

Much to Glyn’s eternal frustration, and thanks mostly to perverse circumstance and the rapid arrival of the G.F.C. (Global Financial Crisis of 2008-09), he soon found himself “marooned” (de facto) in a massively overrated SE Asian country; originally made famous (1976 to 1986) by the Golden Triangle, Gay and/or Psychotic members of Amerika’s CIA, mind-boggling (1980-84) Vaginal Ping-Pong shows, the popularization of prima donna Lady Boys, plenty of cheap/clean food, and at least 5 species of truly amazing exotic fruits.

Amusingly (or sadly) battalions of deluded (and far younger) Western Cucks — driven by the stench of radical Feminism mixed with YouTube’s many algorithms — stubbornly continue to describe all the above (25 years after it all began to sound timeworn) as “paradise” … even as they walk in circles while searching in vain just for echoes of it.

For the existence of such hallucinations, should we point a finger of blame at the now ubiquitous battalions of voyeuristic, copycat”YouTubers”? Or at ourselves for clinging to clapped-out narratives because we keep refusing to deal aggressively with those responsible, back home?

If truth be known he’s actually enjoyed far better sex (and with classier females) in Abu Dhabi, and in Malaysia. The fact that both are Islamic states must surely highlight the giant con we’ve all been living through since the 1980s got under way.

And as for “quality of life” considerations, he’d rather be living in Turkey where the mountainous terrain, complex coastline, rich archaeological history, friendly people with their fantastic (& clean) food would be far more to his liking.

Unfortunately, perverse COVID rules (now in place) and an 85 percent rate of inflation [Feb. 2023] has sabotaged any hope of personal salvation in Turkey … at least for those Expats on a modest or tight budget.

So he “makes do” by occasionally (he actually means very “occasionally”) gallivanting (despite being well past his prime) with his host country’s exceedingly bland, uninspiring, uniformly unintelligent, shady … yet massively-$$-entitled womyn.

As with most other Western Expats who, since the double-whammy of the GFC event (2008-09) followed by the Plandemic Lockdowns (2000-02), now find themselves trapped by circumstances within this ingratiating “Land of Shmyles”.

Real Beer (English Draught) cannot be exported to the Tropics due to climatic spoilage. So that, combined with other diminished horizons have shrunk socializing (in the L.o.S.) down to having to choose from a limited selection of insipid yet grossly overpriced corporate ‘beers’.

As for nutrition, he takes the time-consuming precaution of cooking about 80 percent of his monthly meals (as a recluse, living in a rented abode) just to minimize the odds of getting infected with parasites or with the most common food-poisoning bacteria: campylobacter, salmonella, or E. coli.

He reckons such precautions work out cheaper than agreeing to usurious premiums for so-called “Health Insurance” policies, whose claims against invariably possess the risk of being declined for the most flimsy infraction.

Aah but, aaagh but; somehow, we can still manage to laugh about it all.