Looking to fathom today’s political & economic complexities via fresh (first-hand) perspectives, without having to search/trawl through the Internet?

Perhaps you deserve an original, entertaining, no-bullsh*t, and highly informative book? One that actually makes sense of the past 30 years?

Outsourced World Paperback (Amazon)

Penetrate the ‘globalist’ fog of obscene deception. Gain unique insights that might otherwise elude you. Allow this book to help you identify some very deep (conspiratorial) economic and political roots.

Learn why the seeds of today’s most irksome / chronic issues (e.g., debt, unemployment, fiscal austerity) were actually planted during the 1990s (a.k.a. the “Clinton Era”).

Hindu Deity -- Goddess Durga

NOTE: Durga is the name of my Indian (Andhra Pradesh) girlfriend while working in Saudi Arabia (1994-95). Her sacking from her Specialized Nurse job with a private clinic in Dammam, Eastern Province, triggered this memoir.

Glyn’s unique (never to be repeated) story begins in Abu Dhabi; extends into Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur, and then completes in Mumbai/Surat/Chennai (India).

Knife-edge financial survival + job-hunting across 8 time zones + deep cultural inquiry + gold-star sexual encounters with “east of Suez” women.

And as a bonus … be treated to rich layers of profound political insights (international in scope) that will jolt your thinking in new / productive directions.

(Paperback — print version)

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About The Author

Since 1980, author G. R. Wilson has accumulated over 30 years overseas experience — visiting 24 diverse nations on 3 continents while working in 9 on technical assignments.

He’s searched for flint arrowheads in Saudi Arabia, followed ancient watercourses in Libya’s Sahara, been robbed in Central Manila by uniformed Police, shot at twice in Baghdad, and fished for Blue Marlin 50 miles off Jamaica’s Northern Coast.

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The autobiography which provides the framework of this volume is a gripping personal odyssey by a true raconteur. What quickly becomes apparent to the reader is that he may be part of the West’s dying breed: an individual who combines the qualities of “man’s man” and “ladies’ man” in a single, eager, but moral and modest personality.

The most detailed of Wilson’s working hypotheses — all of which are eminently credible and seriously worked out — concerns the outbreak of BBC- and CNN-induced blind panic (“simply skedaddle at the very first sign of a threat”) among Western expatriates in the (unthreatened) lower Arabian Gulf during the months leading up to the 1991 Gulf War.

This embarrassing episode, he argues, induced the Gulf Arabs to surmise correctly that these mind-manipulated expats were not quite the men their fathers were, and no longer to be entrusted with the development of the region.

Subsequently, the Arabian states around the Persian Gulf — with Abu Dhabi, the UAE’s capital, acting as vanguard — quickly struck a massive and near-secret deal to replace the existing hierarchy of expatriates with far cheaper, more biddable, and less qualified Indians. Meanwhile, in petrodollar-determined Saudi Arabia, this coordinated replacement project was fulfilled by Egyptian and Filipino manpower.

All of what Wilson traces in this book — as set out in a rich variety of models — is but one element of the (still Western-led) “New World Order” that was formally announced in 1991, and which increasingly gathered steam throughout that decade of the 1990s: the same period characterised by the scandal-ridden Clinton White House.

This book is a treasure trove of signposts and observations which [readers] of any persuasion will appreciate for its honesty, coherence and style. This being so, the second volume (slated to describe his eclectic experiences of India) promises to be equally informative.

by ALEX THOMSON … of “EASTERN APPROACHES”  |  Monday, 30th October 2017  |  READ ENTIRE REVIEW

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It is variously claimed, we in the West are now living in “post-Modernist” or “post-Industrial” times. The problem (surely) with such ‘neat’ definitions is that they are abstractions, or palliatives … which defy rational measurement.

In reality we are just over two decades into the “New World Order”, or rule by the so-called “Deep State”. But again, those two terms are abstractions! More pragmatically, this era in which we presently reside constitutes life under World Trade Organization rules!

What inspired me to write this book series was simply this:

I fell into the complex swamp of a nascent “WTO World” in 1996, right after extracting myself from a deteriorating 3 year contract in Saudi Arabia. The unexpectedly transformed world that surrounded me back then — i.e., one that looked and felt ‘hostile’ to Whites or ethno-Europeans — soon opened my eyes wider than most of my genetic contemporaries were prepared to contemplate or tolerate. A major concern and challenge for me, as you might imagine.

The worst kind of isolation is perhaps one where you get to see a truth/reality so early that your friends, close associates, and contemporaries cannot yet see … or refuse to see.

Book-1 (Wanderlust) in this 3-volume series spills these beans:

  • How did I survive a rapidly transforming Abu Dhabi?
  • Why did I scope out “off the tourist map” Kuala Lumpur?
  • How did I get seduced (#NSFW) by a pair of Muslim women?
  • What political/cultural damage were Bill & Hillary inflicting?
  • How did I end up working for Enron-India in the nick of time?
  • What were the early symptoms of Globalization impacting me?

Oftentimes the least likely book is the one that delivers to its readers the freshest, most lasting, and versatile perspectives as to why North America / Europe / Australasia have been foiled or undermined, since the infamous 1999-2001 Dotcom Era, by endless change + societal upheavals + banking crises + chronic unemployment + accelerated immigrations.

Outsourcing is not just about H-1B Visas, or your sneakers being made in Vietnam. There’s a whole lot more … much more. An entire, secretive strategy in fact.

While the primary purpose of my book series is to give readers entertaining insights into those realities faced by Westerners looking to continue their overseas employment lifestyles — begun during the oil & gas boom years of 1975-1988 — it also has a very significant, secondary purpose.

Its back-story delivers a slew of fascinating and unique insights into the highly transitional, even revolutionary, 1994-99 period.

A great many of the destructive policies tormenting us today were actually set in motion during the Clinton Era. And this was soon echoed in other G7/G20 countries, such as Australia (under John Howard), Britain (under Tony Blair), Canada (under Jean Chrétien), and Germany (under Gerhard Schröder), etc.

Relative to any beguiling mainstream narrative, the truth is usually quite simple and straightforward. Therefore my 1996 story should prove to be as valuable and as significant to you today as anything occurring globally during the past decade.