To comprehend the present you must fathom the recent past. My unique personal experiences from the UAE and Malaysia of the mid-1990s will surely entertain while I hold back the curtain on a world outside the West: the one to which so many of our jobs have been “Outsourced”. The First Gulf War (1991) changed much more than you’ve been told. This book explains the ‘what’, the ‘how’, and much of the ‘why’.

The transformational 1990s witnessed the meticulously coordinated launch of a premeditated and aggressive project to OUTSOURCE the Western World’s life-blood to the East (meaning “East of Suez”). This author knows how ‘they’ did it, and why … and now seeks to share his insights — that actually help explain many of today’s thorniest issues — with YOU.

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Glyn’s knowledge and attention to detail assisted greatly in the panel build & wiring concepts associated with the [Control] panels and [Operator] consoles, and he was able to adequately display his technical and administrative skills on the documentation and drawings produced for the [Lindsay Oil Refinery] project.

Robin Bignell, Project Mngr, Bechtel U.K.

Featuring the third and final part of Glyn Wilson’s “Trying To Earn A Crust”; Glyn guides us through the streets of Bombay and Madras.

Nexus Expatriate Magazine, February 2000 Edition


There is a missing section in most people’s perception of recent decades. It is been variously claimed that we in the West are now living in post-Modernist, or post-Industrial times. The problem with such ‘neat’ definitions is they have little measurable meaning. Abstractions that act as palliatives.

Rather more accurately, we are a little over two decades into the “New World Order”, or the rule of the so-called “Deep State”. But they too are abstractions! In actuality, these times constitute life under W.T.O. [World Trade Organization] rules! Why do I know? I fell into the deep and muddy swamp of an 18 month old “WTO World” in 1996, just as soon as I had extracted myself from a 3 year contract in Saudi Arabia.

This book tells the tale of what happened next. How did I survive in an unfamiliar and rapidly transforming Abu Dhabi? Why did I scope out Kuala Lumpur? How did I get seduced by two beautiful Muslim women? What was the state of my own country back in 1996? How much political and cultural damage had Bill & Hillary inflicted by the mid-1990s? And how in hell did I end up working for Enron in India … just a couple of weeks before my money ran out?

This inaugural book in a 3-part series offers new perspectives as to why North America and Europe have been foiled by endless change and chronic unemployment since Y2K. Outsourcing is not just about H-1B Visas or your sneakers being made in Vietnam. There’s a whole lot more … much more. Reading my original, entertaining, and still fresh accounts from 1996 — born of direct, personal experience — should help you reach that eureka moment. 



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What Is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is too often conflated with “offshoring”. Outsourcing’s philosophical definition does not stipulate the export of gainful employment to overseas locales. That association arrived much later. Possibly by design, or through opportunism, or perhaps due to one company’s fear they might lose out to a competitor in an unregulated market. This long article defines “outsourcing”. It also describes how this phenomenon grew from embryo to a multi-billion dollar industry.

Google Denies Science With “Gender Neutral” Policies

Former (Male) Google Employee: “Most meetings at Google are recorded. Anyone at Google can watch it. We’re trying to be really open about everything…except for this. They don’t want any paper trail for any of these things. They were telling us about a lot of these potentially illegal practices that they’ve been doing to try to increase diversity. Basically treating people differently based on what their race or gender are.”