“I have a habit of diverging strongly from what most might loosely call received wisdom. If a book cannot at least challenge opinions or pre-conceived ideas then why read it?

I have the same feelings about books – sometimes I do want to step into a world of fantasy, but sometimes I want to be challenged, I want to learn from someone else’s experiences and insights, and I want to hear a unique perspective. If you want the same, I urge you to pick up a copy of G. R. Wilson’s unforgettable and completely unique memoir.

In a story worthy of TV serialization (I’m thinking Bryan Cranston to play Wilson), we travel through multiple continents, take on multiple interesting contracts, and hope for some sort of financial stability.

Furthermore, get ready for some political insights that will blow your mind…the 1990’s may have just ruined it for us Millennials.”

Amazon Customer Review … by “Bookish Kenz”, Feb. 19, 2018

Editorial: In Nexus this month, Glyn Wilson’s brilliant “Trying To Earn A Crust” reaches its climax — many of you have enjoyed the story very much so we will keep in touch with Glyn, who may be persuaded to write again; we hope so.

Sheila Hare, Editor, Nexus Magazine