Mel Gibson Saw The Future, Very Early!

Globalism was always just a mask worn by a wealthy and well-connected clique of rootless bigots, to hide a very cynical ploy. In short, this ploy was ... ... to use and abuse the technical superiority and productivity of Western nations, mixed with their compound Achilles Heel of trust, idealism, and kindleness to other races … Continue reading Mel Gibson Saw The Future, Very Early!

What Is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is too often conflated with "offshoring". Outsourcing's philosophical definition does not stipulate the export of gainful employment to overseas locales. That association arrived much later. Possibly by design, or through opportunism, or perhaps due to one company's fear they might lose out to a competitor in an unregulated market. This long article defines "outsourcing". It also describes how this phenomenon grew from embryo to a multi-billion dollar industry.