Globalism was always just a mask worn by a wealthy and well-connected clique of rootless bigots, to hide a very cynical ploy.

In short, this ploy was …

… to use and abuse the technical superiority and productivity of Western nations, mixed with their compound Achilles Heel of trust, idealism, and kindleness to other races … to finance the literal transfer of technical know-how and assets to underdeveloped and far-away places like the Middle East, South Korea, India, and China.

They (the Cabal) had no concern about the negative and highly corrosive consequences of this policy upon the peoples of those Western nations most affected, because they had already been weakened by fighting two world wars (within living memory), and by feminism, processed foodstuffs, depreciating currencies, and a self-destructive yet stubborn adherence to a centuries old “Jewish” psy-op known as Christianity.

Now fast-forward 30 years to the 2nd Decade of the Third Millennium, and consider the huge amount (in aggregate) of land, commercial property, residential property, ports, agricultural production, water resources, and manufacturing assets that the Communist Chinese have been taking ownership of — throughout Australia — since the USA’s brokerage of China’s accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) on 11 December 2001 (exactly 3 months after the 9-11 False Flag destruction of Lower Manhattan’s WTC).

Mel Gibson speaking his mind in 1987, on Australia’s ABC

In the attachments below, note the peculiar involvement of Israel in Australia’s financial affairs. Obviously, Israel is not a neighbour of Australia, nor does it share membership of any regional treaties or organizations, etc. And much of Australian land remains the property of “The Crown” … a secretive organization based in the City of London.

So why the involvement of Stanley Fischer, who was at the time of his visit to Australia, the Governor of the Bank of Israel.

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