Alice Weidel’s speech to the Bundestag: 21.03.19

Posted a little “late” perhaps. But now that Brexit has been finalized Frau Weidel’s 2019 insights still offer useful commentary on background issues that will likely continue to colour (color) the fate of both the United Kingdom and European Community for the next 10 or 20 years.

Several years ago I concluded — via my own research — that France has been a surprisingly subversive (communistic) international influence ever since World War Two.

It would appear that the French ‘elite’ (those infamous Gallic “intellectuals”) have contributed disproportionately to the post-1950 demise of Western Civilization.

I won’t expand on my reasons here else I will invite an inconvenient tangent to this Post. But just let this observation act as a “sticky note” until some future time, when I can address this issue alongside related issues.

NOTE: The English subtitles have been produced (translated) by the YouTube Channel owner: Cassius


0:19 Chancellor Merkel had just given a speech about the upcoming European Council summit in Brussels.

0:26 Valerian is a herb that helps you fall asleep.

1:18 In February 2016 (4 months before the Brexit referendum) David Cameron went to the EU looking for concessions regarding Britain’s relationship with the EU, he got little in return.

3:33 The 1963 Élysée Treaty established stronger links between France and Germany. The 2019 Aachen Treaty was intended as a renewal / deepening of this treaty.

4:07 Qualified voting in the EU: decisions need a yes vote from 55% of the 28 members AND 65% of the population.

5:27 Barnier said this in 2016, according to French magazine Le Point.

6:07 The AfD’s position is that first the EU needs to be reformed, only if those reforms are not possible should Germany leave.

6:26 This part about Britain sounds a bit odd (like a non-sequitur) in German too, but that’s what she said. She may have phrased it like this because she used “include” in the previous sentence when listing the reforms the EU needs.

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