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    1. What Is Paleoconservatism?
    2. What Is Neoconservativism?
    3. Birth Of The Alt Right + Cancel Culture [Gottfried’s Bio Continued]
  3. So What Became Of Gottfried’s Prophecy?
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This might sound like “stating the obvious” to some, but the bulk of those aged 40 or less just don’t seem to value basic (fundamental) truths as their most recent ancestors did (more or less!). Perhaps this is down to the infiltration of hardcore Marxism into Teacher Training Colleges during that turbulent 1968-75 period?

Let’s postulate that the dominant genetic makeup of any nation, sub-continent, or extended geographic region will literally make or break that geographic entity’s most recognizable and valued “personality traits”, and by extension its potential for independence and success. Or on the flipside, its potential for chronic failure and breakdown leading to some degree of dependence upon transnational (globalist) bodies. Which in typical cases means an intervention role for the giant octopus known as “The United Nations”.

Aside from the vague influences of chance and economics; genetics alone can never be the only determining factor. Civilizational history (including one’s own relatively limited personal experiences) shows that the fate at any given moment of time of individuals, communities, nations, and civilizations alike are cyclical: with clear growth, maturity, death, and perhaps ‘re-birth’ patterns. The social organization of Gender Roles also play a key role ~ because they are fundamental to all group behaviours and thus group outcomes.

Those regions where females are seen dominating political policy will sooner or later exhibit porous borders, fractious community behaviours, and social chaos; whereas those regions blessed with confident and assertive males almost always end up with secure borders and impressive levels of social harmony and thus internal unity.

Europe, and “white” countries generally (alongside some East Asian states such as Japan) have enjoyed the highest quality of life largely because their native populations have (on average) hitherto provided the bulk of this world’s more intelligent, visionary, and disciplined communities.

In sharp contrast most Central African, and some Arab countries, ‘boast’ average IQ values as low as 75 and 85 respectively. Therefore many of their ‘brighter’ members are readily motivated to migrate to Europe just to live off the generous Welfare (State) Benefits offered there, and then advertised globally by cucks, feminists, and communists alike under some kind of “Green” label. This self-flagellation is especially afflicting those who are native to (occupied-)Germany, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

France also, but the dissolution of French Culture actually commenced soon after the Nationalists lost the Algerian War which lasted from 1954 until 1962. Most people today react with astonishment when they are told that Algeria was once (in living memory) an integral part of France, and also where once, some of the finest wines were grown. Furthermore, prior to the Second World War, Algeria provided young French and French-speaking males the chance of a lifetime to mix [to “score”] with some of the world’s most beautiful, vivacious, and enticing women.

There are few, if any, who have inserted as much lingering clarity to the discussion of “conservatism” in western politics as Dr. Paul Gottfried. Instead of receiving the respect, gratitude, and recognition due to him, he has been mostly pilloried for those intellectual efforts.

This blogpost sheds light on those contributions while introducing you to some of his [migration into Europe] predictions [watch the video!]; made from the viewpoint of 2010.

Note also, that while the original version of this blogpost was published here way back on July 21, 2017 [just a couple of months after outsourcedworld-thebook{dot}com was established!] what you are reading now is an updated and expanded version; completed on 28-May-2023]

Dr. Gottfried’s Bio

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(NOTE: my primary source is Wikipedia’s”Paul Gottfried” page, therefore I have had to both truncate and paraphrase some parts due to Wikipedia’s inherent political biases, and notorious manipulations. I have also had to insert some explanatory commentary for those who [still] foolishly believe Wikipedia is an ‘encyclopedia’ instead of a Zionist blog that is subjected to constant editing).

Paul Edward Gottfried (born November 21, 1941, Bronx, NYC) is an American paleoconservative political philosopher, historian, and writer.

His Hungarian-Jewish father, Andrew Gottfried, was a furrier in Budapest who fled Hungary after the July Putsch of 1934. Soon after Paul Gottfried’s birth the family relocated to Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA.

Gottfried attended Yeshiva University in New York as an undergraduate. Paul returned to Connecticut to attend Yale for graduate school, where he then studied under one of the more problematic (former) members of the infamous “Frankfurt School” … Herbert Marcuse (with whom, it is said, he disagreed!).

Dr. Paul is a former Professor of Humanities at Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania. He is editor-in-chief of the paleoconservative magazine Chronicles. He is an associated scholar at the Mises Institute, a libertarian think tank, and the US correspondent of Nouvelle École, a Nouvelle Droite (French: New Right) journal.

Gottfried was a friend of Richard Nixon following his highly controversial resignation from the presidency. Gottfried was expelled as a contributor to National Review in the 1980s; interviewed in 2017, he said National Review “didn’t throw anybody out because they were racist,” but alleged that it and the conservative movement had been captured by interests supportive of immigration and multiculturalism.

What Is Paleoconservatism?

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In 1986 Dr. Paul helped coin and then popularize the term paleoconservative: a political philosophy and variety of USA conservatism that stresses American nationalism, Christian ethics, regionalism, and traditionalist conservatism.

“Paleoconservatives press for restrictions on immigration, a rollback of multicultural programs and large-scale demographic change, the decentralization of federal policy, the restoration of controls upon free trade, a greater emphasis upon economic nationalism and non-interventionism in the conduct of American foreign policy”

Foley, Michael (2007). American Credo: The Place of Ideas in US Politics. New York: Oxford University Press.

What Is Neoconservativism?

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Neoconservatives typically advocate for interventionism in international affairs (marked by a hypocritical interpretation of the old “peace through strength”adage). They are also clearly identified by their unwavering and neurotic defense of the Rothschild-owned, rogue (terrorist) state known as Israel (Is-is + Ra + El).

The outer circles of Neoconservativism can include any ambitious or morally compromised fool who is vainly looking for a well-financed cult to hitch his or her pink-panties to. One iconic example of such a creature is the pathetic homosexual gopher named Lindsey Olin Graham (born July 9, 1955) … an American ‘lawyer’ (aren’t they all??) and senior United States senator from South Carolina. Senator Graham’s face appears [centre] in the “Neo-Conned” image displayed below as part of the 3-part slideshow.

While it is possible to list numerous sycophants who are citizens of various European nations, or of Canada, or of Australia, or even citizens of the Americanized sh*tholes of Thailand and the Philippines, this radical movement is mostly an American phenomenon simply because it was tailored, at birth, to bias, poison, or pervert all political discussion within the USA.

The inner circles of Neoconservativism are comprised mostly of ‘Jews’ who have ancestral roots in the Ukraine, the Baltic States, Moldova, and Poland. Those who do not have any direct ‘Jewish’ (Ashkenazi) ancestry are often linked to this movement via marriage, or alternatively they have been compromised in some way (via their history of financial problems, sexual impropriety, etc.).

Birth Of The Alt Right + Cancel Culture [Gottfried’s Bio Continued]

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And then in 2008 Gottfried did the same for the soon-to-be widely adopted generic label, “Alt-Right”. He helped coin the term alternative right [often abbreviated to “alt right”] with a 2008 speech to the H.L. Mencken Club – an organization he had founded, but which may now be defunct – while envisioning, for his guests, a nationalist and populist “right-wing” movement.

Unsurprisingly, the über radical and hyper-active Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has labelled the H.L. Mencken Club a “white nationalist group” and describes Paul Gottfried as a “far-right thinker”. Long ago, this hysterical finger-pointing got out of hand. These days, anyone who seriously questions (or worse, challenges) the “Far Left” is automatically labelled “Far Right” … an intolerant attitude that would lay the ground work for the largely American phenomenon known as “Cancel Culture” we saw emerge during the Presidency of Donald Trump.

Cancel Culture grew organically out of the “Call-out culture” that was (and continues to be) an integral part of the so-called #MeToo movement. The #MeToo movement encouraged women (and gay men) to call out their ‘abusers’ on a forum where the accusations would be heard. Initially, their primary targets were economically and/or politically powerful individuals. Which is understandable, but still open to abuse. But as with any new fashion or meme, the practice soon spread down the ranks until everyone with a grievance was looking to exploit the latest social craze.

The SPLC’s rather wordy (and also paranoid) summary description of the “Alt Right” movement can be read on this webpage.

So What Became Of Gottfried’s Prophecy?

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Back during the 2010 to 2014 period, smug hacks writing pieces for Jew-owned, opinion-forming organizations typically spoke of … an escalating migration crisis that was ‘testing’ the European Union’s commitment to human rights and open borders.

It has taken most of us far, far, far(!) too long to get to the bottom of who exactly coupled “human rights” with “open borders” which then led directly to our meek acceptance of aliens simply walking into, and then occupying large swaths of Europe’s once pristine cities: a bizarre (eye-wiping) phenomenon which began to dominate most media headlines from 2011 onwards.

Long ago (circa 2009?) we were warned of our fate by this wife of a Jewish Rabbi working in Sweden: Barbara Lerner Spectre. Yes, that’s right! The same “Spectre” that features prominently as a fictional enemy organisation in Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels.

Those whose antennae can properly discern body-language and micro-expressions will likely be made to feel very uncomfortable watching this horrid creature speak. Despite her cute poise, soft hairstyle, and bogus sincerity, this “opinionated subversive” literally reeks of hatred & contempt for all White People.

Barbara Lerner Spectre calls for the “transformation” [euphemism for “destruction”] of European ethnic societies. This arrogant and haughty b*tch, who once refused to show proper respect to Sweden’s King Carl XVI Gustaf, is the founding director of a subversive organization based in Stockholm, named Paideia [Greek: “education,” or “learning”]. Paideia whose sole aim is to promote White Replacement within the minds of pseudo-sophisticated Swedes via the constant promotion of “cultural diversity” … was (ironically) established in the year 2000 — a date that approximates the dawn of the so-called Jewish Sabbath (7th Millennium) as described in the Hebrew Bible — via the receipt of grants paid by a grotesquely unworldly Swedish government.

As you might expect, some of the early videos produced (by amateurs for posting on YouTube) to describe what was really going on, on European soil, were sensational and full of rough emotion. No doubt some creators thought they stood a good chance of triggering an aggressive defense against these subsidized invaders, either from authorities, or from virile members of the public.

Instead, too many of us reacted with despair and hopelessness. Things have improved somewhat since. Thankfully, and assisted by our morbid experiences during COVID19 lockdowns, many more of us now comprehend the Bigger Picture.

This next video was originally uploaded to YouTube, only for it to be taken down when the first purges were inflicted in circa 2014-15.

In compensation, what I have found to finish off this blogpost is a copy of the original that some anonymous “White Brother” has since uploaded to Rumble. I will concede that this next video is difficult to watch. But certain things have to be endured before we can begin to coordinate and strategize an effective and lasting way forward.

QUICK NOTE TO MY READERS/FOLLOWERS: If you find that this or any other embedded video has been taken down by the Channel Owner or by Rumble™, then please contact me directly using the Contact Form provided. That way I can react without too much delay (to find a suitable replacement). Thnx.

Further Reading For Those Researchers Who Still Have Balls:

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