BIS Teleconference “Trash Talks” Bitcoin

During the third week of March 2021, US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome H. Powell participated in a Bank for International Settlements (BIS) organized, innovation summit teleconference entitled: "How Can Central Banks Innovate in the Digital Age?" This transnational meeting was chaired by the immensely rotund, 5-course-meal-swallowing general manager of the Bank for International Settlements ... … Continue reading BIS Teleconference “Trash Talks” Bitcoin

End of Monetary & Fiscal Policy As We’ve Known It?

Real Vision CEO, Raoul Pal, breaks down the events leading to the recent tidal wave of interest in Central Bank Digital Currencies. He [Raoul Pal] touches on the various crises that have encouraged the rampant printing by central banks and the destructive consequences this has left in its wake. Touting Bitcoin as the unkillable “cockroach … Continue reading End of Monetary & Fiscal Policy As We’ve Known It?