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Outsourcing is the art of gifting the White Man's creativity and industry to those nations or civilizations who've made zero contributions to humanity ever since Moses stubbed his big-toe on a Sinai rock. And all because "The Lady Loves Milk Tray" … or because (((they))) need us to keep singing "Kum-Ba-Ya"!

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Kapaleeshwar Temple, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

It is variously claimed, we in the West are now living in “post-Modernist” or “post-Industrial” times. The problem (surely) with such ‘neat’ definitions is that they are abstractions, or palliatives … which defy measurement.

In reality we are just over two decades into the “New World Order”, or rule by the so-called “Deep State”. But again, those two terms are abstractions! More pragmatically, this era in which we presently reside constitutes life under World Trade Organization rules!

I fell into the complex swamp of a nascent “WTO World” in 1996, right after extracting myself from a deteriorating 3 year contract in Saudi Arabia. The unexpectedly transformed world that surrounded me back then — i.e., one that looked and felt ‘hostile’ to Whites or ethno-Europeans — soon opened my eyes wider than most of my genetic contemporaries were prepared to contemplate or tolerate.

Perhaps one of the worst forms of isolation is when you get to see a truth/reality so early that your friends, close associates, and contemporaries cannot yet get it into focus … or simply refuse to do so out of some misplaced fear.

Shaw Park Beach Hotel, Ocho Rios, Jamaica
North Coast Jamaica (Shaw Park Hotel beach) where I learned Dinghy Sailing, 1982

The Shaw Park Hotel complex (with its private beach bound by a secluded bay) is located about 6 kilometres east from the old centre of Ocho Rios: long dominated by a brash “Las Vegas” hotel complex that continues to cater (mostly) to the North American tourist, just as it was doing over 40 years ago. I forget the original name, but it this over-sized resort received a major renovation in 2013/14 and reopened in 2015 as the 705-room, Moon Palace Jamaica Grande.

I regarded what I knew as the Shaw Park Hotel represented something close to the pinnacle of Jamaica’s north-coast hideaways. Largely because it suited my purposes to a tee! I experienced some unforgettable stays there; made all the more special by some trysts with two beautiful, and sex-hungry Jamaican girlfriends (on separate occasions of course!). But 40 years is a long time, and this property’s owners have not reinvested as they might have done. Here’s a review that on balance is both honest and accurate.

I despise gaudy, flashy, ‘gold-plated’ Corporate-America style hotels. They all look and feel the same no matter what country you find them in. So I never attempted to stay at the original complex in Ocho Rios, favouring instead cozy resorts (further along the north coast, in the easterly direction) that were mostly built to a far more civilized, British-Colonial scale … just as the two-storey Shaw Park Hotel had been.

This complex – I watched a scene from the movie Piranha-2 being shot there, and ended up dating one of that movie’s many ‘extras’ who had been flown over from the USA – is shown in the background of this short video clip, of an MSC cruise liner docking at Ocho Rios’ (man-made) beach … and adjacent to the Moon Palace / Jamaica Grande complex.

The state-of-the-art cruise ships that ply the Caribbean today are probably 40% larger than those I used to see moored at this same location back in 1982!


Book-1 (Wanderlust):

Outsourcing is not just about H-1B Visas, or your sneakers being made in Vietnam. There’s a whole lot more … much more. An entire, secretive (global) strategy in fact.

Therefore this book’s back-story makes a major effort to deliver a slew of fascinating and valuable insights into a highly transitional 1994-99 period.

A great many of the destructive policies tormenting us today were actually set in motion during the Clinton Era. And this was soon echoed in other G7/G20 countries, such as Australia (under John Howard), Britain (under Tony Blair), Canada (under Jean Chrétien), and Germany (under Gerhard Schröder), etc.

In sharp contrast to any beguiling / deceptive mainstream narrative, the truth is usually quite simple and straightforward. Therefore my 1996 story should prove to be as valuable and as significant to you today as anything occurring during the past 10 to 15 years. Forget the branches … you must examine the roots of persistent/chronic problems.

Book-2 (Nirvana):

This yet-to-be-completed title (focusing on my work and travel experiences in India) is pending. to be informed of Nirvana’s published date (plus a whole lot more) either subscribe to my Newsletter, or choose the option to receive updates of new posts, via email.