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Outsourcing is the art of gifting the White Man's creativity and industry to those nations or civilizations who've made zero contributions to humanity ever since Moses stubbed his big-toe on a Sinai rock. And all because "The Lady Loves Milk Tray" … or because (((they))) need us to keep singing "Kum-Ba-Ya"!

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Glyn has creatively linked his candid memoir + geopolitical narrative + observant travelogue to the First Gulf War (1991) and to the formal launch of the WTO (1st January 1995). Consequently, those who have harboured misconceptions vis-a-vis the origins of contemporary ‘Globalism’ will have their understanding of this decade upgraded and positively recalibrated as they ride a fast-paced narrative.

This entertaining adventure features knife-edge financial survival + job-hunting across 8 time zones + deep cultural inquiry + hard-nosed humour mixed to a degree of intricacy and intimacy that could only have been possible by being obliged to live life on foreign shores while in crisis mode.

Book-1’s racy sub-plot is the Author’s visit to a rapidly transforming Kuala Lumpur. One that includes a vivid recall of his seduction by two (still young) Muslim divorcees. A rare tryst that took place inside the final decade before the “post 9-11 — Sharia Law push-back — era”. This genuinely erotic episode is so convincingly described even female readers have been “turned-on”.

Glyn’s unique, never to be repeated story starts (May 1996) in mysterious Abu Dhabi, continues in vibrant Malaysia, before completing (Book-2) in India’s teeming and jangling cities of Mumbai, Surat (Gujarat), and Chennai.

You can try these two buttons (that used to work) yourself, just to see how ‘reliable’ (NOT) online booksellers can be. I always suspected — long before I wrote my manuscript — that book-publishing with Amazon was mostly a scam, and that Jeff Bezos is not what he says he is.


Outsourced World (“Wanderlust”) was originally Published by BooksmangoTM … an enterprise established 1997 in Bangkok, Thailand as a traditional book publisher. It continues to be fully owned by an Austrian Expat entrepreneur, who has since departed Southeast Asia.

Following Thailand’s 2014 Military Coup — which quietly catalyzed a public and institutional shift in attitude towards greater hostility for all Expats of European extraction (including Australians, North Americans, etc.) — Booksmango then felt obliged to relocate its operations to the United States of America. This transition took place in the Spring of 2018.

Four years later during Q1/Q2 of 2022 — a period that corresponds to the tail-end of the COVID19 scamdemic hoax — Booksmango reacted to the global contraction in book sales by trimming its online catalogue and withdrawing from certain platforms, such as Nook (Barnes & Noble), iBooks (Apple), and Kobo (Rakuten). Therefore, the original Outsourced World title is now already “out of print” on all publishing platforms … including Amazon.com (and its regional derivatives).

And I have recently found that the “Book Depository” — once an efficient retail distributor (since 2007) of just about any book title you could think of — has now ceased operations. Interestingly, and just a couple of years prior, the Book Depository had been 100% acquired by Amazon Inc.

FYI … I recall the Book Depository used to operate out of the Republic of Ireland.

And I’ve just re-checked (May 2023) my old Amazon sales page to find that Bezos’ criminal enterprise now reports (while posting a “Sorry” sticker) that my title does not exist. You do realize this is the digital equivalent of “book burning” … now don’t you?? Indeed, we could call it “cabbage soup” or “bird droppings” but the net effect is EXACTLY THE SAME … it amounts to book burning.

Perhaps I should add that during 2018 my MailChimp Newsletter, my dedicated Pinterest pages, and my Twitter account were all attacked in various underhand ways, and at more or less the same time … as if some deranged but highly motivated group working in or just with certain entities based in California were looking to sabotage my title’s prospects. Think of the large scale employment of Indian Nationals who flooded Silicon Valley while being sponsored by America’s H-1B Visa Scheme, and then take a very close look at my Book’s subtitle. You will likely identify one of the most probable reasons why my project was set upon and eventually sabotaged.

I learned about Twitter’s Shadow-banning because I had earlier gained possession of a purpose-built testing tool. So I had no need to grovel at the dirty feet of those Communist extremists holed up in Twitter’s San Francisco HQ. As with many thousands of others, I simply found myself at the mercy of Twitter’s shadow-banning Bolsheviks. This situation continued into 2019.

Following a short lull, this silly and infantile “ban the Nazi” game was resurrected in knee-jerk response to my outspokenness during the 2020 Covid-19 lockdowns and early syringe roll-outs. But that’s yet another story. I never liked Twitter anyway; in the same way that I simply don’t like American kulture.

The “Seducing Goddess Durga During The Clinton Era” part of my Book’s title is a secret (coded) reference to my beautiful, real-life Indian girlfriend from 1994-95 (who I met while working in Saudi Arabia ~ she a shapely nurse in the prime of her life, and me an overworked producer of training materials at a college operated by KSA’s primary Electricity Utility).

Our relationship continued beyond her expulsion from that radical-Wahhabi state and into 1996 whereupon we were miraculously and passionately reunited inside a 3-Star, Colonnial-style hotel located close to the seafront in Chennai (Madras). Her name is Durga. And back then she actually did look like a real-life Goddess, especially when wearing a Sari; or while wearing nothing at all except her erotic jewelry.


Via email, this author continues to maintain a cordial relationship with Herr George Gensbichler (Booksmango’s founder and proprietor). Recent correspondence confirmed that reliable access to the original publishing die, and to the original Photoshop graphic files still exists.

It is the Author’s intention to (eventually) set-up a new Book Sales Platform that deliberately excludes parasitic and monopolistic corporations such as Amazon, while facilitating his own full control over both production and (direct) P2P Sales. Unfortunately, such an arrangement will inevitably force a significant increase in the sale price of the Paperback version.

The main obstacle will be me getting access to sufficient funding. I am now living off my Pension and other modest assets, so to spend upwards of £400 to resurrect my Memoir project — a well-liked Book-1 that was enjoying steady sales from 2017 through until late 2021 — could easily prove extravagant.

You are invited you to “stay-tuned” if only to receive timely updates because publication of the second book in this short series — dubbed “Nirvana” — does remain viable simply because its manuscript is still intact, and currently about 70 percent complete. The equally true story it contains also happens to be very nearly as entertaining and instructive as the one offered by Book-1 … whose main title is dubbed “Wanderlust”.

If you wish to comment constructively on this matter then I’d be delighted to hear from you.

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