COV-19 Vaccine Appended To Terms Of Employment?

Writing on the Blog — — Michael Snyder poses a very important question: can employers “fire” (dismiss) those employees who refuse COVID-19 vaccinations?

By way of introduction he points out that (as of Q4 2020) the mainstream media is already busy publishing stories and filing reports that basically ask if it is legal (or not) for employers to enforce such dire penalties. This has recently become a major topic of widespread debate despite the fact no COVID vaccine is yet available to the general public.

So what is the MSM trying to achieve here? Are they looking to help advance and then “normalize” what any healthy man and woman would likely describe as a “morally reprehensible” policy?


Mr Snyder quotes part of an article published by Reuters.

Quick Background To Reuters: The Rothschilds acquired the company in c.1888 and then “sold” on a merger basis to Canada’s Thompson Corporation in 2008. During the 19th Century, the Rothschild family set out to gain full control of Europe’s news-agencies: Wolff (est. 1849) in Germany, Reuters (est. 1851) in England, and Havas (est. 1835) in France. I would assert that by the time the Internet became global the Rothschilds soon concluded such assets would no longer be “necessary” or even useful.

The Board of Directors of the new Reuters (and data about any other corporate entity) can best be established by consulting a specialized commercial listing company such as Dun & Bradstreet. But you will have to pay them a fee. Usefully — for skint Bloggers and Correspondents alike — an open-source (no cost) alternative has recently arrived on the scene: OpenCorporates. Their website is here.

MSM News — A Monopoly That Speaks As One

Nevertheless, keep in mind that almost all newspapers and TV channels, the world over, still rely upon Reuters and the Associated Press (AP) as their primary source of news. In other words, both Reuters and the Associated Press serve as “one-stop” news gathering services for global consumption.

This relationship allows the editors of publicly accessible (national and street level) media outlets to focus more on publishing opinion, pushing the so-called “official narrative”, promoting well-hidden political bias, and spreading lots of crass (woke) hyperbole.

Might you belong to that misled majority who tend to react nervously (or aggressively) each and every time you are presented with information or insights that you’ve already been trained (or psychologically conditioned) to see as “conspiracy theories”??

Try spend just 20 minutes studying Protocol 12:4 of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion [allegedly a “forgery” … oops!] then you will surely identify a remarkable resemblance between all that “12:4” describes, and much (if not most) of our mass media since the 1950s. And especially since the 2004-06 period … when the Internet and the still nascent “social media machine” really started to take off: Facebook (2004) and Twitter (2006).

Does “Predictive Programming” Help Frame Our Future?

Here’s Mr. Snyder’s fair usage of that Reuters’ report:

Other major news outlets have been publishing similar stories. This excerpt comes from a piece that was published by Reuters…

Gostin and five other health law experts said private companies in the United States have broad liberties to set health and safety standards, which would allow them to mandate vaccinations as a condition of employment with some exceptions.

It is almost as if there is a coordinated effort to make employers across the country aware that they can issue such mandates. A little over a decade ago, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration ruled that employers could make vaccines mandatory during the swing flu pandemic, but of course that crisis faded rather rapidly and so very few employers actually went in that direction. But now it appears that COVID-19 is going to be with us for quite a while, and some employers have already decided that they are going to make vaccination mandatory for all employees | viewed 05-December-2020

I recall clearly that many Twitterati were seeing this scenario being prepared, way back in May or June of 2020. And since late October these aggressive policies have clearly become far more explicit. I suspect many public-spirited watchers can sense this aggression is being driven by a poorly concealed desperation that now appears to be afflicting several of the key COVID-19 ‘conspirators’.

The “authorities” in some countries have already gone out of their way to ‘reassure’ the public by stating (in semi-official fashion) that COVID-19 vaccines will not be made mandatory.

But if your job (i.e., your means of financial survival) hinges upon you obeying the invitation to be injected with untested and experimental vaccines — brought into existence at warp speed — then that surely is a de facto mandate.

Similarly, vaccine “deniers” will be forcefully coaxed into accepting COVID-19 vaccines if they wish to travel long-haul with almost any of the major airlines. Although I predict, this tawdry and hysterical policy will come under “attack” during 2021.


Who Asked Qantas To Dictate Global Travel Rules?

The airline industry’s eager contribution to the dystopian COVID-19 narrative has already been pioneered by the openly homosexual (sodomite) Irish-Australian CEO of Qantas … named Alan Joyce (appointed Qantas CEO on 28 November 2008).

What should we know (in brief) about Alan Joyce? Well, according to the dedicated Alan Joyce (executive) Wikipedia page [ current as of 4 November 2020, at 01:48 (UTC) ]:

In 2011, Joyce’s remuneration was increased 71 per cent from $2.92 million in 2009–10 to $5.01 million and he was granted 1.7 million Qantas shares under a long-term incentive plan. His reported comments — that his salary was “conservative” — were later criticized by both the Australian and International Pilots Association (AIPA)


With that kind of salary on offer, would you be willing to help sell humanity a poison in return for a pat on the head — or some wild anal stimulation befitting a long-term sodomite — to ensure your exorbitant and unjustifiable salary keeps flowing into your overflowing bank account??

Roots Of COVID-19 Stretch Back To Mid-1990s

As I have written elsewhere (including in my book that harks back to the global sea-change I witnessed and somehow had to negotiate on my own during 1996) all “western” (G20) governments have been perverted to a surprisingly coordinated degree.

Ever since Communist China was permitted to join the Word Trade Organization (11 December 2001) the leading economies (that sit outside of Asia) have become ever more imaginative with their outsourcing fantasies.

The situation has become so treacherous that since about 2015, our most influential elected officials have been quite content to outsource even their mandated responsibilities to their own electorates.

Some overriding power enjoying veto privileges seems to be ensuring western governments’ first priority is to protect and promote what I would call, for want of a better term … “the ‘master’ narrative”.

Don’t Listen To Their Words — ‘Listen’ To What They Do

Recently, Britain’s Prime Minister attempted to reassure the now timid and neurotic British population that vaccines will not be made mandatory:

I strongly urge people to take up the vaccine, but it is no part of our culture or our ambition in this country to make vaccines mandatory. That’s not how we do things. ~ Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister.

But action speaks louder than words. In reality PM Johnson is quite content to “outsource responsibility” to his ministers who in turn are mandated by the specifics of their ministerial portfolio.

His ministers have already been busy hinting at, or warning the entire populace that business owners and corporations (both national and international) will be given de facto “free-reign” to unilaterally enforce COVID-19 vaccine requirements in any number of indirect ways.

Courtesy of the UKColumn (visit website)


All the many private businesses and state-mandated agencies need to do is simply withhold their permission for you or I to access specific services and/or our entry to their (private) premises and public venues.

Some have already hinted that access to public houses (“Pubs” in the British venacular) will only be given to those who can prove they’ve been vaccinated with at least one of the many COVID-19 commercial derivatives.


So there’s little doubt there exists a huge amount of behind-the-scenes coordination being played out between many powerful and various corporate players that have long dominated the Western World and beyond.

We find them in the pharmaceutical, airline, and medical industries as well as in academia and high-level politics. Not to mention globalist pseudo-institutions such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the World Economic Forum, et al.

In the greater scheme of things, and despite its immense power and international influence, there apparently exists an overriding (Director) organization being cleverly hidden via subterfuge and misdirection. Public knowledge of this spider lurking at the centre (center — for my American friends!) of what is clearly a vast global web is either scant or zero.

What might that organization be? Because the much-maligned [LOL] Rothschilds simply do not have the capacity to plot and scheme all by themselves.

And perhaps more significantly, the Rothschilds are not the guardians of the pseudo-religious script that has literally been both inspiring and orchestrating all the madness we have witnessed since the First Gulf War in 1991. Instead, they are probably its principal sponsor.

Do You Like Conspiratorial Talk? Then Try This For Size!

In Hebrew, and with considerable narcissistic perversity mixed with intense arrogance, they call it … Tikkun Olam [ תיקון עולם ] … or “repairing the world”. But for what ultimate end does it need to be “repaired”? And how do you “repair” a world filled with 7.8 billion people (as of 2020), without unintended consequences?

Strangely, Israel (a nation of only 9-million, as of 2020) was one of the first nations “out of the block” with a newly created COVID-19 vaccine. You can read the paywalled stub of the Haaretz article here.

Israeli scientists have also been unusually creative and proactive when it comes to developing rapid “testing” equipment and associated procedures for COVID-19. In other words they have worked overtime to profit (in Shekels) from this preconceived “pandemic”.

Note also that it is common practice for hi-tech Israeli companies to outsource their physical manufacturing to China … with which Tel Aviv has long enjoyed warm relations. Henry Kissinger made sure of it! As did (yep, you guessed it) the Rothchilds also.

You really would not like it if I told you more. There’s a risk you would end up calling me an “anti-thermite”, or something to that effect. :~)


Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson … enjoying a cozy meeting with Kosher “chums” (photo taken circa 2015?)


If U can’t yet identify “COV-19” as a sophisticated mechanism (“platform of deception”) for controlling and manipulating most of mankind (via stealth) — rather than an actual disease — then you’ll risk condemning your fate (+ others) to the wiles of a Psy-Op.

And To Answer Michael Snyder’s Original Question

Yes, some — perhaps many — people who refuse to be vaccinated with one of the many COVID-19 {SARS-CoV-2} variants are going to end up jobless. Doubtless there will be individual exemptions, caveats, and several competing interpretations of any applicable laws.

But at this point in time, it does look as though Corporations already do possess the legal right to impose medical policies upon their employees. Corporations (almost all of which are now ‘global’) possess this power because they are constituted to operate under the “modern” Canaanite laws of international commerce, which today is most commonly referred to as Maritime-Admiralty Law.

As you should know by now, Maritime Admiralty Law — or Uniform Commercial Code in USA parlance — always seeks to dominate, override, or veto what citizens refer to as Common Law (i.e., the “Law of the Land”).

I have been in the direct employ of a couple of major corporations in modern times. And as part of my recruitment, I was definitely put through a rigorous series of medical examinations. But no vaccine requirements were included. I do not recall vaccines or vaccine history being a topic of concern. My employer was mostly concerned with the health of my lungs, blood, and eyes.

Clearly we have entered uncharted waters when it comes to being injected by mandatory (experimental & untested) vaccines designed to combat an invisible disease that allegedly kills less than 3% of the population.

The degree to which Employment Law will affect public acquiescence to official COVID-19 vaccine demands, is unknown at this time. At some point a test case will have to be submitted to a High Court, else clarity and the even application of law will be seen to be absent.

Meanwhile, I can offer you this recent news article for research purposes. Note that it only discusses the current situation in the USA (i.e., not Australia, Canada, the UK or E.U.):


Where There’s A Will, There’s Always A Way!

To those who haven’t yet advanced sufficiently along the only path worth treading … I wish you luck and strength as you gradually become fully awoke; by persistently and patiently working towards gaining adequate control of your faculties and life’s direction.

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From Twitter (circa 5th December 2020)

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