As the “post-COVID19 world” starts to take shape, Outsourced World suspects China will emerge looking stronger than the rudderless ‘Western’ nations of Europe, North America, Australasia, and Japan, etc.

Supply-chain disruption fears will eventually be mollified or countered.

Probably no more than 20 percent (maximum) of currently outsourced activity will be repatriated to home soil in North America and Europe … unless taxes, tariffs, and/or other financial incentives are robustly applied.

This 17 April 2020 South China Morning Post tweet (video report) seems to be giving us some early warnings of China’s resourceful intentions.

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This short video {produced by CNBC™} perhaps gives those living in Western nations a glimpse of what to expect when the “shelter in place” rules start being relaxed.

Business and commercial activity will likely be restored in stages, and only to levels that are far lower than pre-2020 norms.

Having suffered a (premeditated, and therefore hostile) “collective trauma”, the vast majority of so-called “Westerners” will re-emerge from what deserves to be described (i.e., ultimately) as a self-imposed shackling … to re-enter public spaces with attenuated and relatively timid expectations.

It is likely they will also be ‘obliged’ to endure intrusive security check points when entering large public and corporate buildings, and when using major public transport systems such as airlines, metros, and high-speed rail services.